Augusta is the capital city of Maine. The state all the way North East of the United Sates of America.
Jack: What's the capital of Georgia?

Drake: Oh, I know this one! Augusta!

Jack: Dude, it's Maine!
by nunyobussiness July 27, 2011
Top Definition
Stunningly Beautiful. Golden hair flows so majestically. Her eyes shine amazingly in the light, and they change to shade of green. Her smile always makes people smile because it is so perfect. Her face just makes stare at her in awe of her beauty. Her body has the perfect curves. She sticks out in the crowd as a unique person. Her character is one of a kind. So smart, respecting, kind, loving. She is the most beautiful girl on the inside and on the outside.
Augusta is the most perfect girl in the world, she is my Grace.
by Mr. Field January 02, 2011
A shit hole town in Georgia full of rednecks, racists, and assorted white trash. They host a little golf tournament in the Spring. That's the only thing the place has going for it. Full of crappy chain restaurants and the fat people that eat at them. One of the most corrupt cities anywhere. Just a very trashy and polluted city. The arm pit of The South.
I spent a month in Augusta and the only thing there was to do was go to Wal-mart and make fun of all the fat rednecks.
by FarmFresh July 17, 2009
Crappy little city that thinks it is so great due to the Augusta National golf course. Most of the population is four generations inbred. These people are so ignorant, that they don't really understand how stupid they really are. the other part of the population are people who moved there and cannot afford to leave due to the shitty third world wages.

There are old money families that own everything. The average wage is $8 an hour. Thus the plantation system still exists.

Most of the middle class works at The Savannah River Site in Aiken. This is the national nuclear waste dump, so Augusta has become the largest cancer cluster in the nation. being down river from S.R.S.

This is a filthy dump! avoid at all costs! The white residents blame everything on the "Yankees" and the black population blames everything on "Slavery". The people of African decent are as racist as the whites. But I was told "I'm black, I can't be racist!

Do us all a favor, have a civil war reenactment and use live ammo. This would definitely up the national gene pool. Maybe they could get a pay per view deal and pave the roads!

I am from Oregon and got asked what side we were on during the civil war. I never knew the west coast people were "Yankees". Apparently any grasp of the English language makes one a Yankee.
by Get me outta here September 12, 2012
city in georgia where the masters are held each year
tiger woods went to augusta and won the green jacket
by alkatreez May 24, 2005
The second largest town in georgia, Augusta is known for its golf tournament held on the first week of April every year called the masters. Also for james brown.
Famous land marks include-
Augusta National Golf Club
Richmond Academy
Augusta Country Club
EastBoundry St.
Soul Bar

Augusta is a staple of a southern american town where, a mainly white, rich half of the town is one one side of the main railroad tracks, and the mainly black side is on the other.
Hey Boi, Im rollin down I-20 To Augusta, from the ATl U gonna come?
by J-Dawg of lil a March 30, 2007
city in georgia where the masters are held each year
tiger woods- well im off to georgia
trainer- god speed
by alkatrez May 18, 2005
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