Audreys are always stunningly gorgeous. She can be bossy at times but that can be a good thing. She always knows what to say and will stand up for her friends. She's hardcore and is usually the one to start a statement. Her friends are girls AND boys and she treats them all equally. She can usually find herself falling back in love with the same person she once fell in love with. She just wants to find the right guy. When it comes to music her taste is off the charts! And her clothes are always gonna make you turn your head and look with awe. Shes thin but her butt and thighs are to die for. Every girl wishes she was an Audrey.
Guy1: Woah I think I'm in love.
Guy2: Seriously? With who?
Guy1: Audrey, I couldn't stop staring at her!
Guy2: Hey there calm down!
Guy1: Do you think she'd ever fall for me?
Guy2: I think she'd fall for you twice.
Audrey: Hi guys.
Guy1: I love you Audrey!
Audrey: I-I love you too.
by Scarecrow44 December 05, 2010
audrey is a a beautiful, seemingly confident girl. she has a good sense of humor, an adorable smile, and beautiful big eyes. she flirts shameless and is usually called a tease. she can be a goofball and is really sarcastic. has a bit of an attitude if she's mad at you. she's got a rockin' body and a sweet ass. boys want to get with her but never really understand her. on the inside, she is actually a little self-conscious, has only really loved one guy who broke her heart, is secretly afraid of commitment, puts up walls so that people can't know the real her. she has lots of friends and is athletic too. she's smart, chill, and always down to party. doesn't trust easily and says whatevers on her mind. audrey is the kind of girl who just wants someone to love her back, but never believes them if they do. she's a amazing girl who everyone wants to be around.
Audrey is defiantly someone i'd wanna chill with.
by bossman3 March 27, 2010
Audrey is your best friend. She will be at your side through thick and thin, and once you are best friends with Audrey you are friends forever. Audrey is a beautiful person inside and out. She is tall with hips TO DIE FOR!! Not to mention her sweet ass which everyone is jealous of. She knows how to hold everyone captivated when she talks and will always say the right thing. Anything Audrey says will be worth listening to. Audrey loves exploring, especially in forests. When it's party night with the gals, you can bet Audrey will be the life of the party! She is very good at hiding her feelings and will put others before herself ALWAYS!
Girl: I'm so upset lately, I don't know what to do..
Audrey: Don't worry, I will always be here for you. Count on my for anything
Girl: :)
by Not Audrey May 14, 2013
a girl who will listen to everything you have to say. she'll remember it too. she has a good heart but she thinks shes a bitch she's sarcastic and funny but sometimes she has her downs. when shes down she doesn't want anyone to know so she hides it for the sake of her family and friends. she's reliable and will do anything to help people out. if she's upset, she will close herself out from the rest of the world hoping people will leave her be. she doesn't want anyone to worry about her and she doesn't want to be pitied. She's constantly building walls up so no one can break in. Unfortunately, her walls break easily. When she tells you she cried or if you see her cry, you know she's at her weakest. The one time she believed in love, her heart broke... and she'll call you up to cry and tell you how stupid she is. Audrey is a girl who will go through so much but get through it for the sake of everyone else around her. She is much loved.
That girl right there, she's an Audrey.
by headrick September 07, 2010
Most beautiful and amazing girl you will ever meet. She has the cutest smile and the bluest, breathtaking eyes. A girl you will talk on the phone with for hours and you will never get bored, and when you're with her you your heart will race. She likes Jack Johnson and she listens to Pandora before she goes to bed. When she's around, you feel like you've never felt before. She is everything you could ever want in a girl and you love her with all your heart.
The girl I'm dating is just like an Audrey!
by jacobs7 December 28, 2011
The most beautiful girl ever. she has many talents and knows how to make you laugh! When you seen her you just want to be with her. She's the life of the party and when it comes to guys she gets them all ;)
You know your a winner when you have an Audrey!
by PRNCVACAAZ November 10, 2012
That girl that is very intelegent and really awesome. Everyone wants to talk to her and be her friend. She would be a great wife and will have many children. She is the fire in your heart and the light at the end of the tunnel. She likes pick up lines and can be a little shy. But he can open up to be the most beautiful personin the world.
Michael: Audrey, I like you a lot. Will you be mine?
Audrey: (insert answer here)
by Wardog1207 April 08, 2012
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