a female who says that she will come out to bible talk, but does not show up
She didn't show up either? Man, that's the third Audrey this week.
by Disciple of Christ June 27, 2013
a smart, athletic girl. Can break your heart or win it over. Very sensitive and gets angry easy. Has lots of friends but recycles them. Thinks shes cool
{heart breaker} {friendly} {sensitive} {Audrey}
by goauburn November 18, 2010
a girl who steals guy's shirts. they are also known to love guys named jacob.
by babeykakes. September 20, 2011
Nice but sometimes can be mean. Can sometimes be obsessive with people they love.
Audrey: Do you want some chips?
Girl: Yes I do! Look at that boy.
Audrey: I love him! I am going to text him now!
Girl: You talk/text him too much.
Audrey: He's my crush/bf, don't be jealous! -snaps fingers-
Girl: ...
by anonymous10138021841744012 March 29, 2013
Godess like person who is very gorgeous, an audrey loves the outdoors. has amazing clothes but one day her closet will be stolen. sometimes lazy. Scared of being vicisously scared of a soccer ball, that is why she does not play soccer. very two-faced, throws shoes at seagulls that annoy her at the beach. super duper skinny. cannot do her nails. sometimes she is blonde(most of the time),
oh wow she is such a Audrey
by bart the fart in a cart x 2 July 07, 2011
a girl who loves wog guys with shaved heads.. who is always DTF..
oh there's a hottie, let's do an Audrey
by audreyloveswogs December 28, 2010
A smelly bitch.
Omg that person is a complete Audrey
by zoomdabadoom February 28, 2011

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