A car company that tries really hard to be like BMW and Mercedes. Their cars have a good four wheel drive system but lack in performance and styling in comparison to their German rivals.
Get a BMW. Not an Audi.
by topgear March 12, 2009
A german car thats basically volkswagen technology with a luxury package and a few extra HP. One of the most fastest depreiciating cars on the market.
I'd rather have a BMW
by Derexan March 02, 2005
A replacement for "Ought to"
Next time you audi buy a real car.
Audi go to the supermarket, but the car won't start.
by Dave W1 May 01, 2007
A german car usually driven by feminine fathers and premature balding drunk teenagers, they were not made to run fences over or do doughnuts in front of schools. HEATED SEATS
Chris got thrown in jail after doing doughnuts in his audi, with heated seats.
by THE MAN November 01, 2004
A Useless Dumb Invention.
Audiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis are OK.
by Elgroharris November 23, 2003
A slower cheaper version of a Mercedes or BMW. Audi's slogan "Never Follow" is contradictory considering the M3 and C55 are both faster than the S4- the E55 and M5 are faster than the RS6 by over 100hp, and the S8 couldn't beat a S55 if it's life depended on it. Bottom line- people buy Audi's because of the shitty resale and nice interiors.
The E55 bitchslaps the RS6.
by Devon Prep Sucks March 22, 2005
A Lexus with a shorter life span.
Agent Smith rolled up in an audi.
by Anonymous September 25, 2003
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