Dying nearly every game, L_Clan_audi quickly became popular for being one of the worst Age of Empires II players in the world, other players quickly coined the expression audi to express how bad a person's performance was in a certain game.
*multiple flares*
Tobias_Funke> wtf I'm 2v1 all game
poZ_Wai> lai.....
poZ_DP> 111111
poZ_LoVeR> sorry I audi
by ac_kaka_fan1 July 02, 2009
usually preceded with "I'm" or "We're". Denotes the leaving of a place
I'm audi. Catch you later
by Bungalow Bill November 14, 2001
German sports car. Comes in A4, S4, A6, A8, S8, TT, TT Roadster. Very well made and very good looking as well.
Wow did you see Jamal in his Audi A4? Damn he is one cool guy.
by Jamal August 11, 2002
Honestly the best car ever made. That's why they have the quote "Never Follow" Because you may pass anyone with ease.
Damn foo, dat Audi just took you! Your BMW and Benz will never catch up to him!
by Kiragos April 16, 2004
A decent German car company comparable to BMWs and Mercedes. Known for their excellent AWD systems (introduced AWD to rally with the quattro, completely revolutionizing the sport) their cars are well built and well appointed but they are expensive to own and keep on the road and depreciate extremely quickely. Unfortunately anyone with a shred of self respect can't buy one as they are now almost exclusively driven by assholes.
"Man i really wanted a new rs4, but Audis are all driven by cocks nowadays and i couldn't bare to be seen in one"

" yes its sad that normal people can't drive Audis anymore, but look at it this way, now that all the assholes are in Audis, normal people can buy BMWs again! So you can finally get an M5!
by theBlackBradPitt April 14, 2014
nice german car
jamal you fucking thief, guy like you can't afford a car like that get back to the paki getto
by Big man March 13, 2003
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