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When a man and his mate get one of there friends step sisters and continue to put her on the spit roast!
wow dude did you see those guys atwell your step sister?
by frank_tank___ July 21, 2010

to atwell is to use the do the impossible, by means of coincidence, luck and or other external and unforseeable and uncontrollable events, situations, actions.
How did that man get that great job right out of high school?

He atwelled

How is that man still alive, he was beated up by cops, jumped off a building, was a gay crack whore, shot at by gangstas

simple, there is only one way to survive these streets, he was atwelling
To atwell is to be simply awesome, cool and ironic like Dave Strider.
Did you see him?

He just atwelled

Wow, I wish I could atwell like them

awesome cool ironic dave
by Atwelling August 09, 2015
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