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G4's flagship show. It used to be cool and about technology, but it sucks ass now and is about dumb shit like "In Your Pants" (A.k.a. "Terrible sex advice") and "ATN After Hours", where they feature a model in a bikini that they supposedly can't show during primetime.
Kevin Rose & Sarah Lane are way better than Olivia Munn. Attack of the Show sucks ass ever since they left.
by John Shmithers July 11, 2008
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A terrible show that loosely regards technology. For the most part it is just new Kevin thinking he's funny and the others getting a pay check. It replaced the Screensavers and their hosts other than Sara.
Person 1: Attack of the show is terrible. I'm glad Kevin Rose left, he's above this.
by Kipp Buckingham December 24, 2005
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This is the TV shw that replaced the highly popular "The Screen Savers" from Tech TV. RIP Tech TV. Starring Kevin Rose, Sarah lane, and some other douchebag.
None... its a bad cable TV show.
by Jacob March 22, 2005
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A great show that will never suck balls like cops. It talks about technology and gives away prizes. With Kevin P. and Candace B. as the hosts. It gives info on many things like the guy who ate 25,000 Big Macs.
Some guy "Attack of the show is awesome!" Some dooche "the people have big heads." Some guy "You have a tiny penis"
by eyeguyfizz June 01, 2011
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