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Having or displaying hightened senses, extreme focus and super-human abilities. Caused by genes that may remain dormant until one is in great peril or in a situation calling for the utmost concentration and ability to dominate opponents and/or enemies.
1. Jordan tried to kill Chris, but Chris was in Attack Mode so he deflected the bullet with his bare hands and then threw Jordan off of a nearby sky scraper.

2. Chuck Norris is in constant Attack Mode.

3. Trevor and Doug ate a brown bear alive while in Attack Mode.
by Chris Condon September 11, 2006
To enter a state of mind where you have a heightened quality of chat, and the only objective is hooking up with all the hottest girls in the room. The new found level of confidence is irresistible to women, and results can be startling. Attackmode only lasts for a number of hours but can be destructive if reached. Often a sign or small trinket is used to indicate to friends that attackmode has been reached, and that all wingman services are no longer needed.
Will: Look! John is walking up the stairs with 3 birds, how's he worked that?
Jono: Did you not see the little foam sword? He entered attackmode like 6 mins ago.
by Yon24 April 23, 2011
When, under the influence of alcohol, a person thinks it's funny to irritate and annoy another person by hitting them, pushing them, etc. Attackmode can escalate into mindless vandalism and is usually associated with fits of laughter, stumbling and slurred speech
Argh! He's driving me nuts
Yeah, he's on full-on attackmode at this stage
by Jackie-F September 09, 2005
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