1 Horrifyingly wicked

- atrocious cruelties

Of a very poor quality; extremely bad or unpleasant
- he attempted an atrocious imitation of my English accent

- atrocious weather
by toofab123 April 28, 2011
Top Definition
Something really awful, extremely bad.
Her singing is atrocious!
by Hiv_puppet October 17, 2007
Something or someone terribly ugly or someone hard to look at who gets made fun of a lot.
Damn that sonny kid sure was atrocious. I heard the girl he was with was embarrassed to be seen with him.
by kjeee January 22, 2008
something that is not fit for human eye's
you have a great rack, but the rest of you is fucken atrocious
by nisssan November 28, 2009
The thread posted CDC, April 1st, by MENSA on the topic of Michael Grabner's performance in the NHL.
MENSA's thread was atrocious, displaying a lack of reason, and general brain function.
by Uggbits April 03, 2010
The odorous stench extruded from ones dirty old socks.

When Larry jr. takes his socks off and leaves them under the desk infront of me the smell of the office is atrocious, like Richard Simmons underwear.
by Bradford Barrington March 31, 2008

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