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1. Atrinosis is derived from the latin word
"ater atra atrum : dark"
and the greek based word
"gnosis:Intuitive apprehension of spiritual truths, an esoteric form of knowledge sought by the Gnostics"

Defined as a negative or 'dark' state of enlightenment, where one's newly found higher knowledge is poisoned by darkness that corrupts it. Considered a disease to some, and a perfect way to view life to others.

2. An extreme Metal band from Canton, Ohio with melodic and progressive influences.
Example 1: "Last night I reached a state of Atrinosis." "No shit dude, thats deep..kinda weird but still deep"

Example 2: "When is Atrinosis gonna release another song?" "No idea, they're lazy fucks"
by Sobersomeofthenever April 07, 2011
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