There is nothing like being out on the water with a team as wonderful as this one. They can be silly, but as soon as its time to work they are ready to focus. This team is always smiling and shows good sportsmanship.
I wish I rowed for Atomic Rowing Club!
by redandyellowalways October 21, 2011
Top Definition
1. To be truely awful at ones sport. More specifically in the field of rowing.

2. See Suck
Wow, I won no races this weekend. I'm almost as bad as Atomic Rowing Club.
by HoochChirps2010 November 08, 2010
These rowers have a high level of determination, the ability to ignore pain and other wonderful personality traits. They are the embodiment of persistence and durability. They work hard to row fast and improve on their skills.
After recording a 2k, the atomic rowing club realized how much their times had improved.
by smallbodybigattitude October 21, 2011
Never underestimate this team. They are as fast as lightening and as loud as thunder. They row with such power and determination that you should respect and fear them. This a tightly bonded team that shows great sportsmanship and passion for rowing.
Look at that Atomic Rowing Club boat dominate.
by rowhardrowtowin875 October 21, 2011
The awesome youth rowing program of the Oak Ridge Rowing Association.
The atomic rowing club is going for an intense row today.
by plainsimpletrue8593 October 21, 2011
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