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An atheist who attempts to mask his/her deep-rooted feelings of intellectual inadequacy by referring to theists as "religiotards" or "creatards."

An atheist, athei-ag, Latheist or athe-head who thinks (quite stupidly) that it's cool to bully theists and call them names.

A mean-spirited atheist who makes it his/her life mission to make theists as miserable as he/she is.
Noun: Atheitard, Atheitards

"The typical atheitard is a bitter, hateful, contemptuous anti-theist bigot."
#atheist #religious #creationist #agnostic #athetard #religiotard #creatard
by AmiraBintYhwh March 23, 2013
A person that is so blinded by their opposition to anything religious that they appear, to those not sharing their extreme non-beliefs, to have been stunted at some point in their mental development. These individuals can be found in discussion groups taunting people wanting to discuss issues regarding their own religion, and are generally found in groups that have no desire to read their posts.

When confronted by people not sharing their non-beliefs, they either say something asinine, making fun of the person's belief, and throwing around insults trying to belittle the specific one confronting them.
There is some atheitard in the Christian group telling us we're holding society back because we don't think exactly like he does.
#christard #fucktard #retard #intolerant #bigotted
by willb4ever January 31, 2011
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