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if u searched this up, ur probably intolerant to atheists. so lets review how wrong u are.

one who refuses to beleive in the unprovable or disprovable, (gods, goddesses, or deities, also highly discriminated against, usually dont want any part in this "religion war" but got draged into it by christians... of course, theres the retarded atheists too, the ones who push atheism on other religions, ANY religion deserves respect, ill open my mind to new things like visiting a church of any religion but not catholic (prodasant, maby)I dont need the morons yelling "satanist!" and throwing random stuff at me, ur religion is suppost to teach tolerance, not hypocrasy, and im not just blaming intolerant christians, sum ARE tolerant, and there are probably almost as much atheists who act the same way... the sooner we respect each other, the sooner we can stop wondering why every other religion is laughing at us...
christian fanatic:lets goto church and prais jesus

athiest:no ty, im atheist,

christian fanatic: omfg! u mother fucking asshole! ur going to hell! how does that make u feel u atheist idiot? (or in worse cases->)satanist!!!

athiest:I don't need this shit...
athiest: wanna get drunk and bang sum hot chicks?

christian:sry, my beleifs say otherwise, i cant have sex before marage or use boose as an excuse to be over lustful

athiest: u gulable moron! thats all a load of crap! ur loss dumb ass!

not judging all of u atheists or christians, just saying stop the retardation. also, u can stop calling us satanists any time now, we dont beleive in him either.
by a pissed off atheist April 07, 2007
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Atheist idiot is another term for the all the adherents to the atheism theory. The atheist theory is illogical and mathematically incorrect. For example atheists believe that 0+0=1 and they also believe that nothing can create something despite the fact that we've never observed such irrationality at work.

Atheists say that the matter and energy which came from The Big Bang were actually the results of a particle popping out from the vacuum. The major detail that they ignore is that the vacuum is not empty and isn't nothing. Therefore if this universe was created by something that came from the vacuum then it wasn't a particle that came from nothing.

This then leads us to more questions such as what created this vacuum and the energy within it? Atheists cannot answer questions like this and their theories that the universe came from nothing or self-created itself are not supported by science and no empirical evidence exists for this. The idea of another universe creating our current one only moves the goalpost. At some point, there had to be an origin. In any case, there is no evidence of the string-universe theory either.
Considering the Goldilocks properties of our universe, it was likely that the energy that created it was an intelligent force. A force known as God. According to Einstein's theory of relativity, space-time are relative and space was created within The Big Bang which means that whatever existed before this universe would likely be timeless and immune to the laws of this universe since it created them.

Logic, maths and science argues in favor of God and not for atheism which is a silly fairy tale mostly only believed by those who are too mentally retarded to understand true science. The first definition from an atheist proves how uneducated they are.

Atheist: Nothing can create something! Two zeroes equal one!

Christian: Atheist idiot.
by ddfgdffd November 18, 2013

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