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A person who does not believe in God. Claims their belief is based on logic and rationalism, but is really just a lack of an answer for why the universe exists, what caused the creation of the universe, or how the laws of science came to be or why they are consistent.

The most tolerable atheists just don't talk about the matter at all, and the worst atheists spend all day insulting religion in general on the internet.

Essentially, a person who is not thinking but believes he is the only one who is.
Atheist: At first, there was nothing. And because there was nothing, nothing happened, and then nothing occurred and then the universe appeared. It's the only explanation that makes sense!

Theist: You keep telling yourself that.
by Jman1991 December 20, 2010
An immoral, sometimes completely uneducated example of the lowest level of human society. An extremely hypocritcal race often blinded by self-righteousness and idiocy. Tends to point fingers at others to divert attention from their own flaws. Will use any form oflogic, no matter how absurd, to support their primitive and misguided ideals.

Also see Imbicile.
by exemus January 15, 2010
An idiot, who cannot accept anything truthful, and sees themselves higher than a deity. They also often refuse to believe in a deity only because they get bored during religious services. They don't understand that they don't have to go, but they can still believe! Damn teenagers.
I'm pretty sure Rosie O'Donnell is an atheist, however she could be Scientologist, or even Dr. Philliate.
by Mr. Holbrook, aka GOD October 14, 2008
1. Liberal Atheist: One who lobbies for freedom FROM religion instead of freedom OF religion. Throws their legal weight around to erase gods and goddesses from all aspects of the lives of Homo Sapiens. If they had a deity it would be the flag. Is a real problem and is very closed-minded to look for any diety.

2. Conservative Atheist: A peaceful person that can't notice God, perhaps because they don't want to, or because they don't see the world that way. No more of a problem to society than a properly operating Pagan.
Atheist:How can you believe in God if you cannot touch him or see him?
Christian:How can you believe in radio waves? You can't touch or see them!
Pagan:Peace dudes, we need to be nice to the environment and get along. Thor told me the moon's gonna crescent on September 13.
by Wm. Wallace The Freedom Fighter September 19, 2007
I`m an atheist
because i`m free
and i dont have 2 live life according to a book
because i have faith in my self and dont have to depend on a higher being because i think broadly and i`m not scared of thinking for myself because religion has killed lots of people and i`m not scared of deing and not going w hell or heaven
the crusades killed lots of people

religion leads to racism aswell
oh and im sick of people who tell me i am doomed
man at least if hell
is full of flames its some place hot u stupid fuck
blow me
i love being an atheist
like or lump it
by ozan July 09, 2006
1. People who don't believe in god.

2. People who make atheism look like a religion. Atheism is not a religion, it's a word used to describe people who don't believe in god. And some people try to defend atheism.
Atheists Guy: i'm an atheist
Deist Guy: wtf you suck
Atheist Guy: shut up atheism is the best
by xup September 19, 2006
A person who does not accept the existence of a greater being. However, there are some exceptions.

1. They believe in a creator, but not a creator as described in most religions.

2. They do not officially recognize or conform to a religion, nor deny the existence of a greater being. See agnostic.

Contrary to popular belief, most atheists do lead fun, happy, and fulfilling lives. This is because they do not need the idea of a god to feel satisfied in life. Also, a lot of them are not close-minded jerks to begin with, but some end up that way because of their constant harassment from people (usually Christians) being close-minded jerks themselves.
"They say they don't believe in any god or gods or deities and then obsessively whine,piss and moan,bitch and deride Christ and Christians and their bible.

To be that obsessed with Christians and their God and bible makes you stupid atheists a HATE GROUP!

You are CRAZY to sit here and spend all of your time obsessing over a God which you claim doesn't even exist in the first place.And the fact that you have singled out Christians proves that you are a HATE GROUP!

You are Satanists and Antichrists but don't even know it.

Never once in have I ever heard one of you ridiculous FAGZ whine,piss or moan about Wicca,Hinduism,Buddhism,Islam or New Age mumbo jumbo!


Maybe that's because the believers of the other religions DON'T WHINE ABOUT US! I can't tell you how many times I've been reminded of my damnation to come by a fundie asshole. I chose my beliefs because of my observations in life, and not from hate, and then Christians come and harass me! How the hell am I supposed to act then?
by animatorStrike June 21, 2006