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A Person Who Ican Alway'z Depend On.! Athaiah Is My Eveythinq.! He Is All Iever Wanted In A quy.! He Is A Beatiful Indivual That Ilove With All My Heart.! Athaiah Is Thee Kind Of Person That Im Am Willinq Too Spend My Life With.! Ireally Do Love Athaiah.! If Yall Dont Know Who He Is Oh Well.! But Any Who Athaiah Miqht Have Emotionalyy' Hurted Me Sometimes.! But Athaiah Ilove You With All Myy' Heart Bodyy' And Soul.! Passion And Desire.! Love You Babyy'.!
Athaiah Is Thee Love Of Me Life.!
by His qirl.! May 30, 2009
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