Acronym: As Tactical As Shit. Used to describe firearms or gear that resembles milspec equipment; weapons with a large number of aftermarket accessories.
Did you see Stalin's SKS? It's ATAS!

Props to ik!
by Stalin November 21, 2003
Top Definition
In Singlish, atas means "high class" - the word is derived fromt he malay word meaning "upstairs"
I don't like to go to all those atas places; surely spend money like siao!

All his friends damn atas one, you think they will go to that sort of low class place to eat?
by jschnorng October 19, 2006
ass-to-ass. two girls use a double-headed dildo and grind their asses together. exemplified in the movie Requiem for a Dream.
I want you sluts to do it ass-to-ass
by crazywhores April 30, 2003
American Taekwondo Association. What would happen if you mixed McDonalds with Martial Arts. Hundreds of franchises teaching low quality fighting techniques while stealing your money. At least McDonalds gives you something worth your $$$.The "masters" are chosen for their ability to attact customers(aka students)and how much money they bring in. Any one could beat up an ATA black belt because 70% of them are under 16 kids who joined because they watched power rangers.
ATA student-"ATA rules!!!!it pwns all other martial arts cuz i got a lack belt in two years!!"

Martial artist-Kicks him in face and asks "How much you pay for that black belt?"
by former ATA black belt May 29, 2006
Average Time of Arrival.
When you're late regularly to work, school etc. but more or less arrive at the same time every day.
Boss: Hey it's 9.45, you're 45 minutes late! You've been late every single day since you started here, what's your excuse??

Employee: I'm not late. I show up every day between 9.30 and 10 so I'm right on the nose of my A.T.A :)

Boss: Dude...
by Ad.Co October 13, 2010
All Things Anime - ATA from vine, under the nickname of simply "ATA". Most mysterious person on the inter-webs. Is this person a boy, or a girl? The world may never know..
"Have you seen ATA on vine? Her edits are amazing!"
"No, but I've seen HIS vines, and they're pretty cool."
by All Things Anime - ATA September 25, 2015
"All tactical and shit", pronounced ATAZ.
"Have you seen that new guy? That dude is

"Look at his gun, that sonnombitch is ATAS'd out"
by FNFNG October 08, 2008
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