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Massive tagging on Facebook (frequently in pictures that do not justify your good looks)

Usually this happens the morning after a party when you wake up hung over and log on to Facebook only to realize that someone already has loaded pictures from the party and you’ve been spammed with immense amount of notifications saying that someone tagged you in a photo.

An atag most oftenly leads to the execution of damage control which is the attempt to do an immediate untag of yourself in all the unflattering, drunk pictures before anyone sees them.
1. Noun: Atag
and Verb: to atag, atagged

You: “Damn, I was so wasted yesterday and when I woke up this morning Anne had made a massive atag on me. It took me like 30 minutes to do damage control”
Your buddy: “I know. I also got atagged. On the bright side now I know that I made out with someone yesterday. Who knew?”

2. Adjective: Atagging

You: “Anne you’re such an atagging idiot. You know people hate it so cut it out FFS”
by Thild August 08, 2010
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