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So fucking awesome that you dont even know how fucking awesome it is cause if you did your fucking head will EXPLODE
Tom:Dude Carla sucked my dick so good,IT FELT ASTRONOMICAL

Cesar:You serious?How much did she cost?
by TwitterCessarMF August 22, 2010
large beyond comparison. Just BIG.
I have an astronomical amount of work to do for the end of the semester.
by Kayode May 03, 2007
extremely large; exceedingly great
Nyeem's head is astronomical.
by katze_ila April 27, 2011
Frickin Huge.
This piece of pie is of astronomical proportion.
by Giggly2 October 05, 2010
derives from the word epic....but is way better.
used when in a state of awe or amazement.
"The movie ZombieLand is astronomical"
by Chikipoo April 30, 2010
intensly amazing that everyone is amazed by it. also used as astro.

a better word for epic because epic has been over-used.
Dude, The Dark Knight was astronomical!
by crazybeansss May 05, 2009