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The feeling of elation after a taste or a touch.
I felt the Asteria come over me after we danced!
by Tracey Ramage October 26, 2006
An amazing band from Crown Point Indiana. they have a record deal but not one of the mainstream bands such as fall out boy or anberlin.
my favorite song by asteria is a second chance to make a first impression
by thesceneaesthetic October 24, 2008
Awsome, great, loyal, amzing person. Has lots of passion there for knows how to treat people. They are romantic, and nice. They can be flirts, but not mean wrong they consume the people around them with there bright energize and smile. They're also a person who knows how to party. She is the most randomest person you will ever meet in your life. She may dress in an emo style. Her favorite bands would have to do with rock. She knows what shes talking about so dont deny what she is saying.
She's so asteria
by thesickestkidalive August 29, 2010