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The Asta is a sexual move in which a woman tries to give a man (rough) oral sex while he plays Dance Dance Revolution. This move works best if the two individuals are Lithuanian.
Guy 1: Yo, did your girlfriend try the Asta last night?

Guy 2: Yeah man, it was awesome. And I got a high score.

R.R. </3: Oh sorry, that was really me in a wig... (wait he doesn't even need one.)
by gorillawoman777 January 05, 2011
The most awesome and charming person you shall ever meet
the name also means love (ÁST), and the warmth they have will have you in awe.
Ásta is the most awesome person I have ever met
by charmingboy March 08, 2010
A brilliant norwegian girl, supposedly the most beautiful girl in the world.

She's usually a genius bro, friend, a perfect girlfriend, and a superb bacon-cook

An Asta usually have the most gorgeous eyes one has ever seen, and her laughs can make a boys knees go numb.
Person A: I saw this girl the other day, and I was completely stunned by her beauty!
Person B: I think you might have seen an Asta
Person A: Ah, that totaly makes sense!
by Iwritewithbottles December 05, 2011
Cree word used in saskatchewan. Meaning Come here , very well known cree word. In Saskatoon even the non-cree people use it cause they cool like that
that one white boy who chills with all the natives "Astum bro"

one of his native bro's "aight dennn , whats up homie"
by breezybb420 August 16, 2011
later, cya, from the spanish word for goodbye just shortened
-"cya tomorrow"
-"alright, asta"
by zip April 18, 2005
Fake boobed slut. Tries to make out with every guy she can get. Fails because of her huge nose and boring personality. Damn fool. No one wants to go out with her for any reason except her huge fake boobs. She's a dumbass!
"Did you hear Asta gave a BJ to every single guy, and some girls at the rec dance?"
"Wow what a whore."
by UKNOWIT! April 10, 2010