Racially, Assyrians -- like most Middle Eastern people -- are classified as Caucasian.

The Assyrians look quite similar to Southern Europeans (Greeks, Italians, Maltese, etc) and also Persian people. So they are Mediterranean.

Most Assyrians are fair-skinned. Though, there are lots that are olive and dark-skinned. Mediterranean
Lighter Assyrians are found in Northern Iraq/Turkey.

Darker ones are found in the south of Iraq.
by Boardwalk July 16, 2009
God created assyrians first, they spoke aramaic just like god. Later on it split into 7 different languages. Some assyrians may still live in Iraq.
by Pr3he September 10, 2003
Type of people who think too much of themselves. It is a type of race that is soon to become extinct no matter how much they value themselves. People feel bad for these types of people because they dont have a country.

Warning: Any racial comments against assyrians may result in a 60 min speech of their back ground and history that doesnt even matter anymore.
"We are assyrian!"

"Assyrian? wheres the country?"
by whiteee69 June 02, 2009
Modern Assyrians. The real native people of Iraq which stretches back to Babylonia and the Ancient Assyrian empire. DNA proven!

The Assyrian community are experiencing problems throughout the world, including the native land and even throughout history. These problems starts at the hands of religion; “ the sect of Christianity” or denomination within the same people (Assyrian). Leaders in these congregations in some Chaldean Catholic Churches and the Syriac Churches are lying to the people which causing the separation and conflict in which bring forth confusion. This is why they all fight over names as some say their not the same people. Sadly… Many of the church members take the word of their leaders like it is the word of God and will do anything the church leaders tell them and don't seemed to understand that (the church leaders) is wrong. The funny thing is, many of those greatest Assyrian nationalists have come out of the Syriac and Chaldean churches despite what the church leaders have tried to do.

Another problem is there no nation along with these invaders who steals the values that belong to the Assyrians who gone through genocides agian. The third problem, the Assyrian wont last long if they don’t start uniting and have the country of their own.

To correct this statement, “The most racially mixed people in the Middle East.”
That statement is false. Modern Assyrian people are not mix and I have study this for so long! Many Assyrians that look kind a White are not always 100% modern Assyrian, instead they are proud of their Assyrian root and take it as their official heritage. In fact, Assyrians are not racially White nor Armenoid. Assyrian are generally Semitic Middle Eastern, in which there race belong to “Syrid or Arabid” not the sub-Caucasoid group like Armenoid. Assyrian are mix to the native people of the past in the Middle East or maybe little mix to Egyptians as well but with the native land, even the Assyrian with red hair! For Example. The bible descried King David as a handsome dark skin young man with red hair. So dose that make him Irish? No! The Israelites are very strict to be married outside of their tribe because of their religion against the pagan idol worshipers (non-Jews). The most racially mixed people in the Middle East are Arabs, Kurds, and Turks.
Are you Puerto Rican?

No I'm Assyrian...

Oh I thought you are Puerto Rican.
by WhatIsDaDealio February 15, 2009
Dumbass! Assyrians are what the ancient Germans were called.
Germans are modern-day Assyrians.
by Legitimate Barbecue September 20, 2008
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