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The most racially mixed people in the Middle East.

Most Assyrians look Mediterranean. Though, many do look European/White and Arab/Middle Eastern. A number of them look Hispanic, too.

However, we may also find some Assyrians looking like they are half Asian. Also, some will look Indian and some will look like they are Pacific Islanders/Aboriginals.

Assyrians are people of colour.
"Hi, so...you're European?"

"No, I'm an Assyrian. I'm from Iraq. All Assyrians look different from each other. They range from pale white to dark.

"Oh, you're Middle Eastern!?

"Let me guess your nationality...Um, you're an Aboriginal or Samoan?"

"I'm actually an Assyrian, from Syria. People do think I look I'm Samoan. Hehehe..."
by Woronora February 01, 2009

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