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The toilet water that splashes in and around your ass when your poop lands in the toilet.
Random Guy: "Ohh man, this burrito is gonna be the cause of some major Asswash in a few hours".

Random Girl: "Ewwwww gross!?%$^!!".
by eys cela April 25, 2011
The act of washing your ass after taking a wicked disgusting shit. This method of ass washing is a cleaner method than wiping your ass with toilet paper.
John: Bae, I'm going to use the bathroom, I just ate a large burrito on the way over here.
Jennifer: K, Boo

John walks out of the bathroom 10 mins later

Jennifer: What took you so long boo?
John: Oh, I had to take an ass wash, so I jumped in your shower. It was so disgusting to whipe my ass with toilet paper.
Jennifer: :o Face is speechless
by Crazy_Puggle August 31, 2015
Ass Wash is a reagent used mainly for cleansing and/or scrubbing ones posterior, but also has wildly interesting applications in the paralysis of C. elegans for scientific study.
Bobby: "Man, that Ass Wash is some really good stuff!"

Frank: "Wait, what do you mean 'ass wash'? What is that?"

Bobby: "I was using my buddy's ass wash and it really cleaned me up good. Plus it helped me image my worms!"
by ElephantLitter October 09, 2014
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