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Usually referred to (and mistaken for) as AA others may think of "Alcoholic's Anonymous". This is an elite group of mainly men, who cannot stop their urges for unwillful butt sex. Many members have joined, but the longest recorded record of one staying with the program was 72 hours. Statistics show that only 12% of members are looking for help, when the other 88% are there for more prey.
Guy #1: Hey man, did you hear about (name)? I heard he joine AA; I can't believe it!
Guy #2: Dude, no way! He never had a SIP of alcohol!
Guy #1: No dude, not AA, AA- Assraper's Anonymous.
Guy #2: Oh. Yeah, I can totally see that actually, he's a freak.
by tom-paul June 28, 2008
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