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The worst kind of asshole in the world. It's contagious and cancerous. An asshole who is of African descent.
Wow, I can't believe how much of an assnigger Ibeamaka is. He gave LaShonda a nigerian crowbar and left all the splinters in her anus hole.

I'm so pissed that Jamal gave Izefia a creambeard, he's the biggest assnigger I have ever seen in mah lifes.

Hahahahahahaha Jafaru's grandpa's an assnigger.
by Jafaru April 19, 2008
An extremely annoying individual who no one can stand.
Mel Gibson is such an ass nigger!
by Bradley G April 08, 2008
1. n. Like "butt buddy," but in this case only the butt buddy or butt buddies themselves are allowed to say it.

2. n. An alternative for "fag," which is not confused with European cigarettes or sticks.

3. idiomatic. "Just slap me, ok?"
Marcus: Raymond and I are "ass niggers."
Steve: What's an "ass nigger?"
Marcus: I can't believe you said that shit to me! Get the fuck out of my house!
by Politically Inconcievable November 01, 2010

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