the act of having acne upon your ass
oh my god i must be going through puberty mom!!! i have assne...finally!!!
by genious know it all November 06, 2003
Top Definition
Acne that you get on your ass.
Ted: I'm super stressed out about final exams, I got a wicked case of assne.

Stella: Gross.
by cambronshinn January 02, 2012
(n)-the nasty acne formations that appear on one's anal area, more profoundly, on the lower back region. it is usually visible when a person sits down, therefore their shirt is lifted upward and the lower back/ass crack is able to be seen
Clementine: "GOO!"
Rafael: "What!"
Clementine: "Dude, just saw some nasy assne on that fat chick."
Rafael: "Shit is vile!"
by Frew May 09, 2007
acne covered ass, similar to backne, but found on the ass
Gary from Howard Stern says,"in the China Doll porn, she bends over and there was a ton of assne..."
by gman0507 December 02, 2004
Acne that can be found on your ass.
Guy 1:Dude, i think a pimple on my ass.
Guy 2:HAHAHAHA, you have assne
by casuel stabgron July 26, 2008
acne on your ass usually on volleyball players due to profusive sweating on the ass from wearing tight spandex while exercising
Damn, check out that assne on that volleyball player.
by Sarawrrr November 20, 2006
Acne on your ass.

I changed my laundry detergent and it gave me a terrible case of assne.
by Karri Hill May 04, 2007
Ass Acne- Having acne on ones ass region. Simular to backne on ones back. Only different since its on your ass.
Man my assne hurts! Its right under my lower bacne. Lower than my spinal lumbar region. I like sex.
by Kelsey Rawr January 16, 2012
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