The amount of time you have until you see the part of your plumber you hoped to avoid.
"Assinine, eight, seven, six...
by ky4ensicgirl March 02, 2011
Top Definition
How an idiot spells "asinine".
Only an idiot would thumb up the previous definitions depicting "assinine" as a proper word.
by Nsifhsuifh November 17, 2009
Stupid, dim-witted, pointless
"This biology homework is so assinine."
by yeah, whatever November 15, 2003
1. Extremely stupid/foolish.
2. Of or relating to the ass.
Stop bending over, it's assinine!
by Windex December 11, 2004
Something so stupid it makes a person look like a complete ass, despite whatever misguided good intentions they believe they have.
getting involved in political discussions on the internet is a great way to be shown to be ASSinine.
by MikeMullin February 29, 2008
A girl with a great body but an unattractive face.

From the redneck phrase, "I only gave her face a 2, but I gave her assinine!"
"So that girl you hooked up with last night, is she hot?"
"Well, sort of... she's an assinine."
by Mister Squishy October 24, 2007
When your canine companion is knotted up nine inches in your rectum.
My wife walked in to catch Fido and I playing a knot so quick game of assinine.
by Mardonia April 08, 2009
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