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Hasj or Hash for slang in holland
A: Ewa mattie heb je nog assie?
b: Jah man ik heb.
by Gastarasta Nederland July 30, 2008
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Adj., someone or something that is ,indeed, being difficult or causing emotional trauma for at least one other human being..
I cannot seem to hook up this VCR, it's being quite assie.
by Stew Pedasso October 31, 2003
Much like the selfie an assie is when you try to get your whole ass and face in the pic at once, pronounced "ass see".
let me take an assie! That bitch over there is taking an assie, fucking hot.
by Cock-Man Rogers May 18, 2014
The Queen of the Universe;
All hail Queen Assie.
by slapslap! May 14, 2004

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