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The utter most worst smelling thing ever smelt before.
Person A: woah dude you smell that?
Person B: Fuck! teah! thats smells like ASSHOLE WRAPPED IN BACON!
Person C: haha sorry guys, that was me.
by Ehemlin85 September 26, 2008
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The most horrible stench to ever touch ones nose.

A smell that would made one seriously think about taking his own life to take a retour away from it.
Example 1: Austin- hehehehe
James- Holy Shit! what is that?!? That smells like asshole wrapped in bacon!
Austin- No that smells like 7 taco bell bean buritos.

Example 2: Austin- *Sprays body spray*
James- Dude. Stop. That smells like asshole wrapped in bacon.
by Ehemlin87 October 27, 2008

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