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The streaks of mascara left on the body, such as on the face or neck, as a result of getting ass.
Bill came home with a clean collar but it was the asscara that made his wife suspect his infidelity.
by lostservice December 14, 2013
The ring around the anus formed by lubrication products and bodily fluids. Often contains damp matted hair. Upon observation it resembles an winking eye with too much mascara.
Damn, gurl. Your asscara be all runnin down your buttocks.
by Princess Buzzkill November 30, 2010
An upper butt tattoo. Contraction of ass plus mascara. Same thing as tramp stamp or ass antlers.
My asscara was only half-hidden by my belt when I bent over to tie my shoes.
by Crestus August 21, 2007
The mascara one would apply to their ass hair if mascara were used on hairy asses.
Her butthole was so hairy it winked at me, I think she applied asscara!
by angieledbetter August 15, 2010
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