A person who has demonstrated his ability to be more than just an ordinary ass! A massive jerk equivalent to a basket full of asses.
Jeez that guy is a real ass basket!
by Renegade63x September 16, 2009
Top Definition
A person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment and reason and with complete disregard for society.
Who is this assbasket that took up 2 spots with his Hyundai.
by Victor Stracci May 15, 2007
The area between the anus and the division of the buttocks. This area is where the buttocks normally rest against each other.
When I shit, I like to spread my ass cheeks apart so I don't get shit all over my assbasket. It's funky enough down there already.
by Webgrunt August 08, 2003
A kitty litter box. V. stinky.
"Dammit, the cat shat outside the ass basket again!"
by SnaggPDX November 30, 2004
A person that is such an ass as to comprise an entire basket of asses.
Bob: Your boss made you work late again?
Dave: Yeah, my boss is a real ass-basket!
by Larry Nathan April 29, 2008
a whole lot of ass
the sand was in my assbasket
by milky April 18, 2003
rectum, interior anus.
"Tell him he can lick out my ass basket if he thinks he's coming in here again."
by George W. Bush February 15, 2003
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