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Assam, An Indian occupying country of Assamese people. probably the most beautiful, scenic, decent and awesome place on the earth. Assam was ruled by Ahom Swargadeo's the king of native Assamese people till 1826. In 1826 Assam was annexed to British India, and since 1947 after India was gifted with freedom by British Assam by the virtue of political diplomacy made a occupying province of India.

Mighty Brahmaputra flows through this country. It is the only home of one horned rhino, Tea, Muga Silk, Bihu Fest, Gamosa, rice beer and many exciting flavors.
India: Where r u from
Assamese: I am from Assam
Indian: Frightened.................. o nice, brave man.
by Ejon Lora July 11, 2010
biggest dickhead on the planet. doesn't understand women.
"wow that guy is so rude..he must be assam"
by mr.steal.yo.girl October 12, 2011
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