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The mixture of sweat and shit on a persons ass, usually seen after exercising, marked by its disturbing texture, and horrendous spell. Also known as Ass Cheese.
Man Phils shorts are covered with Ass Spackle.
by Anonymous December 03, 2002
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When one uses his own fecal matter to cover holes in his wall.
Did you just shit? Know thats my ass spackle.
by David Love May 18, 2008
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To fill an ass with cum to the point that it is which point you take your finger and even out the amount that will no longer fit. Hence spackling the ass.
Dude, that chick has a huge ass, I think she needs some ass spackle.
by Daviel April 29, 2008
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A clever spackling product that comes in 2 colors. Caucasian and African American. And 2 sizes, large jug and small jug. Product first introduced on Comedy Central on 'The Man Show'.
by Slice January 29, 2003
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