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The state of mind that occurs when one must stop whatever they are doing and run for the nearest bathroom, or suitable area, due to a now inevitable urge to move one's bowels.
Boss: "Hey did you finish that list of stuff I gave you?"
Employee: "No, I suddenly went into ass-panic and I ran for the bathroom."
by deepseacommando17 January 20, 2009
The frantic state which begins when one must scramble to find a restroom because defecation is imminent.
I thought i had it under control, when all of the sudden i went into ass panic and had no choice but to run for the bathroom.
by Deepseacommando October 11, 2008
Excessive worry about one's body or appearance, especially before a social engagement.

Any frenzied hurry related to inconsequential details in one's appearance.
Realizing his white shell-toes had a fat scuff in them on the way to a date, Roland burst out in an asspanic.

In her reflection off a parked car, Sally noticed her new blouse made her boobs look small and flew into an asspanic about her job interview.
by Somnambulator September 04, 2007