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A fart so pungent the smell lingers in the air, like a thick fog.
Irwin: Oh my God, what is that foul smell? It's stinging my nostrils.

Bryan: That's my dog, Odin. His air biscuits are pretty intense.

Irwin: Dude, that ass fog is so bad I can practically see it linger in the air. What do you feed that animal?
by Odin's Raven January 01, 2011
When the fart doesn't extend outside of the underwear, and when underwear is took off, there is a smell, the smell of the assfog.
Person 1: I just farted, smell this!
*Takes off underwear*
Person 2: Get that assfog smell outa here!
by Huntergohard February 03, 2013
A, real shitty word if you ask me...some say it means when you blow a fart the green cloud that results
When that dude farted I saw his assfog
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
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