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Another word for diarrhea. I personal use this term for food items at my workplace's cafeteria that have the consistency of soup.
we need to order pizza for lunch, they are serving the boss's ass chowder again in the cafeteria.
by Ben June 09, 2004
The excrement from someones anus that consists of semen and fecal matter.
"Man, I was watching that one movie 'Zack and Miri make a porno' until I saw that one chick shit her ass chowder everywhere!"
by CackWrestler April 04, 2011
Chunky fire-shit that ejects from one's anus.
I drank too much coconut juice and I shat asschowder.
by xaltien April 17, 2003
Matt Pandiscios ass excrement after a night of Chili
When Matt ate Sashas cooking out came the ass chowder
by Rob January 02, 2005
A term I use for the nibs of toilet paper that come off your ass and gradually build up around the toilet bowl rim.
You know its time to clean the toilet when there's an ass chowder mountain.
by JesusChristSupaFreak March 28, 2005
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