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The act of having a deep or wide butthole.
Guy #1: Woah how was butt sex ?
Guy #2: It was ok, but she had an ass well so i could tell a lot of other guys had been there before me.
by Hairtiehighfive April 02, 2011
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Another way to say aswell, with a bit of humor. If using the word asswell, after the sentence one must say,"and yes, I did just say asswell. Twice."
I went to the food store and got some pickles asswell as peanut butter, and yes I did just say asswell. Twice.
by 3heilo November 06, 2006
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a crude way of saying "as well"
Misha and Merle are going to the toilet, asswell.
by missle May 23, 2004
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