1. verb The process of invading someone's ass with angry ghosts.

2. noun Rectal poltergeists
* Elucidate eyes Viceroy.
* Viceroy assphantoms Elucidate
<DigitalCommunist> o_o
<Elucidate> I won't even ask what that means.
<HellGremlin> God, how dense can you be. It's the process of invading your ass with angry ghosts.
<Viceroy> Good call
<HellGremlin> Duhhhhhhh.
<HellGremlin> Nothing like a case of the rectumgeists to set someone straight.
by Raem September 28, 2006
Top Definition
To grab someone's ass in such a way, that it seems like an accident, but isn't.
Don't feel me up, you Ass Phantom.
by SchwarzerWind September 01, 2003
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