When the vagina and ass are connected by on single crack that runs completely between the legs. Also the name that people call each other when regular cuss words just arent enough.
Mark has an Ass Twat. Mark your a stupid Ass Twat!
by j3tzfan May 23, 2012
Top Definition
Ass Twat

Someone who is a stupid asshole and a bit of a twat at the same time
"You cut your Finger with that knife you Ass Twat"
by Nosheen Richardson March 08, 2007
Someone who has an ass shaped bolbus boldge that hangs in front of where their crotch should be.
Come on, that woman in the store last night had a huge asstwat.

Bro did you see that bitch i dare you to grab her asstwat.
by Alexandria & Raine thomassson December 02, 2011
To spout off profanaties in public or in private while being in a drunken rage....
Colleen Stop Being Sutch An Asstwat...
by ARNO33 August 07, 2007
A word used frequently by a young man from burnage who hosts many house parties. The word is used to refer to an ashtray. A recepticle for filthy ash which is to be disposed of by the smoker(s).
"Yo lad, pass me the asstwat."

"Give that lad the asstwat."

"Where is my asstwat! Bla Hal!"
by Shaketh November 14, 2005
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