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A sexual act involving 2 partners. (A and B)

Partner A lays on his/her stomach while partner B opens partner A's buttocks and throws lettuce, tomato, cheese and cream cheese into the anal cavity. (Creating the raw parts needed for the ass taco)

Partner A then adds the "meat" (their own human feces) to the "ass taco" by way of direct excrement.

Partner B then eats the "Ass Taco" fully to which Partner A asks " why don't you eat the shell (of the taco).

Partner B then finishes the sex act by eating the ass of Partner A until climax is reached.

- "Ass taco" is both a noun and a verb.
Hoar : Do you want an ass taco?

Hoar 2: Oh ya, Oh ya
by THE TRUE BANG BRO June 12, 2009
When the crack of your ass is filled with shit.
Hey wipe well before coming out, I don't want to see an asstaco.
by Chanmeng January 27, 2008
The act of spreading ground beef, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and cheese within the ass crack of your lover and proceeding to eat the contents of the ass taco and using the grease to lick the asshole of said lover without the very typical butthole taste and smell.
My hispanic and very stereotypical boyfriend loves to make ass tacos with me.
by FanOfTosh December 01, 2013
It's when the various ingredients pertaining to a taco are placed into an ass as if the ass is the taco shell.
I would love to eat your asstaco, but I like a little more cheese and maybe guacamole.
by TrotskytheDog February 03, 2010
feces, lint, toilet paper and other stuff between your ass
i rubed ass tacos on mikey's face.
by Doverman April 17, 2008
1. The act of shitting, though not completely out, but predominantly into one's own ass crack and pressing the ass cheeks together to complete the effect. For a complete "Mexican effect," commit this act after the Dirty Sanchez.
2. An insult which is an image comparable to a person who is described as such.
1. Last night Mia was rough! I fucked her in the ass, and gave her a stank Dirty Sanchez. With that upset, she followed up with an ass taco.
2. For fuck's sake, Howard, stop being such an ass taco!
by respite August 11, 2006

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