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An Ass-Pounder is any government official that has a title yet no real work.
My oh my will you look at that Ass-Pounder behind us - I think he is going to pull us over and give us seat belt tickets.
by B1g D1ck B0b February 23, 2003
Male (may or may not be gay/bi) who masturbates by auto-anal penetration.
(Aboard a US Navy ship) "Dave had roving watch and caught this ass pounder in an empty rack with a shampoo bottle up his ass!"
by danw December 22, 2003
The art of making sweet love to a woman and suddenly without her knowledge slip it in her ass a few strokes and make her leap like a frog. When she turns around and says, "What the fuck" just say Oops and laugh cuz it's over anyway you look at it.
Guy: Oh yeah bend over
Girl: Give it to me daddy
Guy: ......
Girl: (moaning)
Guy: (Thinking to himself) it's time
Girl: Ouchhhhh, what the fuck!
Guy: Oops my bad, haha
Girl: You're an asshole
Guy: You're just mad cuz you can't handle an ass pounder
by Pete aka Smokey April 26, 2007
1. One who pounds asses in his spare time.
2. A tasty-looking ass; usually on a woman.
1. Damn! 'djou see that guy? What an asspounder!
2. Sweet lovin Lord! She's got an Ass Pounder!
by Tak a Lah August 29, 2003
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