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Getting assjacked is all about being screwed over or taken advantage of. You either get jacked, or you've jacked someone else!
Promised a promotion at work, instead I got assjacked and they gave it to someone else!

Every time I fuel up, I'm being assjacked at the pump!
by donkeyrules October 03, 2014
To be beaten so badly in a game that the loser has to check to see if he still has an ass.
Man, the Raiders assjacked the Cowboys 45-3 yesterday!
by MackDaddyT April 18, 2006
to unwillingly participate in the act of anal intercourse, or, to have your shit pushed in,
my homie went to prison and got ass jacked!
man i think someone ass jacked me at that party the other night
by niggjoo January 30, 2006
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