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When you crap yourself, but not a liquid shit, a nice hard terd.
Oh man, looks like Cliffosaurus is sporting an ass boner!
by Johnstockton October 02, 2009
a boner that you get in you bumbum
man ive got the biggest assboner
by periii December 04, 2010
When you get fucked so hard in the ass you pop a boner.
Dude:i got ass boner so hard, it went to far in now i got a boner!!
by skghruighauihgauigbp April 17, 2009
When something turns you off so much that you get a negative boner which then comes out your ass. Or when something turns you on that should not causing you to get a negative boner which then comes out your ass.
"man, i saw these half naked pictures of harry potter and got an ass boner"
by EWC November 12, 2007
The act of someone doing a poo, or the poo is slightly poking out the bumhole.
It is called a Ass Boner as the poo poking out your bum is like your penis getting errect.
"Man i`ve got the biggest Ass Boner!"

"Go use the bathroom then."

"Ahk, ill be back."
by DjDyss January 03, 2009

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