a girl who is too beautiful for her own good and needs to die so the rest of them hoes have a chance at something

a girl who's hard to get
damn look at that asra

she's such an asra i wish i could have her
by jiumokk91 February 04, 2010
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An Aphrodite that is stunning inside and out; A beautiful girl with a caring heart.
Asra's presence enriches me.
I wish I had a girl like Asra.
by puppylove500 November 19, 2010
A man-eating creature of great beauty. Referred to by the majority of the female population as a "slut".
1. "Did you check out Asra last night? Damn she's sexy."

2. "What the hell is that Asra doing near my boyfriend? That slut better get away from him!"
by ilhfml May 21, 2009

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