1. Asperger's Syndrome is a real mental/communication syndrome
2. People with Asperger's Syndrome are known as aspies, but there are fake "aspies" who claim to have the syndrome.
3. Authentic aspies will most likely never, ever out loud claim to be an aspie and claim it with pride, in fact real aspies tend to be a bit ashamed or very shy of their disorder.
4. Fake aspies wear their often times self-diagnosed Asperger's syndrome with pride
5. Authentic aspies will do what they do best rather than mess with people and use their Asperger's as a crutch, that is also the whole point of the disorder, you excel at one subject whereas you lack at social skills.
6. Fake aspies will often bother people about their "disorder."
7. Authentic aspies will, despite lacking in social skills, try and make an effort to get along with people outside their comfort zone while fakes will hate people who aren't like them.
(example) Todd and Ricardo are two boys who actually have Asperger's syndrome, Kyle is a fake aspie who is actually just another annoying emo kid.

Todd- Hey, Ricardo, I'm going to pwn you in C&C 3: Tiberium Wars again!
Ricardo- They hell you will, I just realized that the Scrin aren't as good as EA games wants us to think, I'm going to play as Nod for now on!
Todd- GDI will still kick your ass, besides, in the whole C&C story, GDI was the victor in the First Tiberium War, Second and will be in the third! Oh yea, we have a cooler superweapon...THE ION CANNON!
-Kyle comes in wearing overpriced Hot Topic crap-
Kyle- Those football players tackled me into the wall and took my Chinese (made in China) magical charms.
Ricardo- dude, maybe you shouldn't have said all that shit to them earlier today, I saw you talk crap to the linebacker.
Kyle- Let's put a stinkbomb into the locker room!
Todd- Let's not, I have a really good friend who's the Quarterback of the school's team! He's my dueling buddy on C&C Generals too!
Richardo- Hey, let's play C&C Generals instead! I call US Laser General "Pinpoint and Chinese Infantry General "Anvil" Shin Fai
Todd- I call Dr. Thrax and Chinese Nuke General Tsing Shi Tao!
Kyle- Man, screw you fake aspies!
by C&C Chinese Nod General August 28, 2007
Top Definition
Is a way of being and is just as good as anyone else.you just have some social trouble and have a different neurology
I have asperger's syndrome.
by Uberno21 October 31, 2005
A neurological disorder with a variety of symptoms. It is a milder form of autism.

One who has Asperger's (often shortned to AS) is likely to have social difficulties, and may experience speech delays or problems with motoric skills.

It is important to understand that there is a spectrum, where one can have mild AS or severe AS, and most symptoms can be mild or severe as well.

People with AS have a tendency to be loners due to social difficulties. They may have trouble making eye contact, starting conversations, or they will obsess over a certain subject.

A list of all symptoms would be long and is more fitting to an encyclopedia or psycological handbook than a dictionary.

People with Asperger's Syndrome are not neccesarily less intelligent as stereotypes would have one believe.
He has trouble making friends because he has Asperger's Syndrome.
by Michael Stuart July 10, 2008
Just a sceintific neurological term for one with a superior mind to that of a common human. Generally dose not care about social life because he knows that in the long run they have no meaning. Often times, a human with this advantage has an area of near absolute knowlegde, commonly a mathmateical subject. However, it is not unusal for one with this variation of autism to have a vocabualry superior to that of his peers. Within the limbo of autsic and normal, humans with asperger's syndrome are form two words.

However, the common man (because of his natural fear of what he dose not understand) often considers a man with said advantage to be a retard because of his lack of social skills. But intellectually speaking, humans with asperger's syndrome are more intelligent than the common man. Hyperlexia is also common amongst these neurological variations of humans.
"I have asperger's syndrome, therefore I am mentally superior to that of my jock peer. BWAHAHAHA!!!"
by darklordnollaf July 01, 2009
Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) is a neurodevelopmental condition related to the autism spectrum. Affected individuals (usually of normal or above average intelligence, capable of intense focus, strong attention to detail, painstaking adherence to policies and procedures, unorthodox problem-solving and high productivity in the areas of their interests and aptitudes) are prone to motor coordination impairments, sensory oversensitivities, have difficulty interacting socially along “unwritten rules”, reading nonverbal language or navigating workplace politics, may prefer solitary activities and are often viewed as eccentric. As a tragic result, many end up un- or underemployed and on the receiving end of prejudice , bullying , negative stereotyping, harassment and discrimination.
Here's a victory story about a SoCal woman with Asperger's Syndrome who stood firm and fought a good fight -- and won her case against an employer! It's people like this who make life better for Aspies who are not able to break through on their own, who rely on others to carve a path that they can follow. I'm grateful for those with the ability to make a difference such as this woman has done. Just read. It will warm the cockles of your heart and make this Thanksgiving Day better!

by blahster July 12, 2006
A form of autism believe it or not. Named after Hans Asperger.
Aspergers Syndrome can be mild or extreme. Its a gift and a curse at the same time.

Its known mostly for being a social issue. People with it can walk and talk like normal people but the ability to handle talking with people, dealing with people, understand social "cues" and even so much as going up and asking for a new cheeseburger in a restaurant if it is made wrong without feeling like a complete idiot and fearing what the people working there are thinking of them can and will be VERY hard. In other cases, so much as walking down the street is a problem for these people.

People with aspergers syndrome often have very small interests for example computers or radio or a certain TV show or music. Because of their lack of the ability to deal with people, people with this issue often stick to themselfs. Often in their rooms. They learn about their favorite subjects to the point of having encyclopedic knowldege of the subject. This is partially where the term "little professer" came from.

Aspergers Syndrome comes with a few additional problems. People with it often have strong OCD and deal with panic attacks.

Poeple with it have problems being touched. So much as being hugged or touched by their parents, family or anybody even close to them can be a very bad expirence for them.
grooming, wearing of socks, can be a problem.
bad posture is also a common problem with people with aspergers syndrome.
A mild form of autism is known as asperger's syndrome.
by 1069 February 02, 2007
A very real neurological disorder, related to autism, that has been overdiagnosed to the point where genuine cases of it are no longer taken seriously.
I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in 1993, back when hardly anyone had heard of it. Nobody has any right to say that something with which I have dealt all my life is not real.
by Erin Catherine May 01, 2008
A mild form of autism, that only a selected special few of the population have. The biggest assets of this disorder are often characterized as the biggest curses.

Aspies have a hard time making friends in a world, mainly becuase their high IQ's, literal imagination, and superior adherence to company and school rules and respect for authority.

Tragically since Aspies are essentially just a more moral and intelligent version of NT's their social abnormalities make them "geeky" and "nerdy" and their non-understanding of social cues make them seem like assholes.

Living in a neurotypical world with NT's the majority of who would rather remain ignorant and alienating then seek to understand AS does not help, nor does it help to claim that you have AS to excuse your idiotic and asshole behaviour.

Asperger Syndrome is not the problem in our world. Ignorance is!
Jason has Asperger's Syndrome. He may be frank and honest, dress differently than others and obsess about horses and motorcycles, avoid eye contact and appear alone. He is secretlly a genius, who will discover a cure for cancer and create a new language by the year 2037
by Asperger's, disorder, September 30, 2011
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