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-Asks everyone ASL as soon as they can, as if it is the best way to start a conversation.
-Have very bad grammar, for example; "how u"
-Hate what they can't have.
-Have no life.
-Often use scripts to color their words
-Like to crop words so they don't have to type much
-Only come to chat to "play"
-Act like stalkers
-Always want to know if you have a "cammie"
-Act like they've met you before
-Expects you to remember them
-Often have a number in their nickname, which they expect you to believe to be their age or penis size
-"advertise" themselves
-Ask too many questions, for example; "hello" "where have u gone?" "y r u ignoring me"
-Insults you like a third grader
This man would probably be an asl-addict;

<hot19> hi i a 36 yr old male living in sydney with a 13" donger you enjoy it
<hot19> asl
by lavawalker October 22, 2006
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