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A wrinkly, tired old man. Doesn't sleep much. Also talks and laughs wayy too much for his own good. Is also a little bit of a perv!
Asif needs to sleep really badly!
by mkhan December 04, 2007
65 166
Made popular by the movie CLUELESS staring Alicia Silverstone.
Meaning: I'm definetly not going to do that / not into that/ don't beleive that / etc.
If a guy tells me he knows I'm in love with him (but I think he's a total loser), then I say to him "AS IF!"
by Aaliyah Christen January 04, 2004
516 120
a boggling mastermind
shonk gorilla stomp baby
by bitch im manny August 21, 2004
289 115
a term used to describe the masters of the art of sexual pleasure. Trained to perfection at all sex positions and sex styles.
Whoa! look at those asifs over there! i wish they notice me, my boyfriend is a pussy when it comes to sex
by german shepard owns November 08, 2009
266 145
an expression of utter repulsion and or disqust. to be said when thourougly annoyed.
"the sales guy came up to me, and was like, we have the best polyester pants! and i told him loud and clear "as if" and then i walked out the door"
by erin robinson February 15, 2004
146 74
an expression used to display disbelief
by Heather November 08, 2003
128 71
Its an Arabic name Meaning "Riches" "one with alot of money"
my name is asif
by Duke™ November 06, 2012
47 20
Meaning cant belive
Omg...Tod said I was ugly,as if...
by Jasmine August 05, 2004
15 5