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The spell cast upon an individual in love with members of the Asian race.
ahhhh, that tina, she's under the asian persuasion...
by tina! May 10, 2005
An affinity for Asian women
That home boy Aaron...he's got the Asian persuasion
by Bungalow Bill December 02, 2002
is a generic term that describes attractive, charasmatic asian men... i.e. Filipinos, Chinese, Japanese. If you are not asian and cannot comprehend this terminology, go look at the word SWAGGER. Thats the asian word for swagger where the opposite member is feeling his "asian persuasion". His style, looks, aura, the way the he carry himself, attractive qualites of asian men.
Close related term is a mack or player for asian males. He's got that asian persuasion where girls are feeling him. Another example is Bruce Lee. Manny Pacquaio is a good example of asian persuation. He is beloved by the boxing world on how he fights and how he carry himself.
by Pinoy Mafia October 06, 2010
Verb; to like or be attracted to an Asian person
Guy: Did you hear she's dating Peng?
Girl: Haha, well I guess she has a thing for that Asian persuasion.
by Itsthatgirl February 21, 2012
one hot asian chick! christina sparks
christina pearl sparks
by =) November 27, 2004
anyone of Asian decent, word is usually used in a sexually charged sentence.
Drew: You still banging the Asian Persuasion?

Eric: no, i hung out with her a couple weeks ago, but she has been of my slaydar for a little while.
by Rico Suave and Brody Epic March 15, 2007
-A word to describe the peoples of Asia 's uncanny negotiating skills that are acquired from birth. (These skills are mostly used to solve algebraic equations). Unfortunately these skills cannot be used in any other instance that doesn't involve mathematics. Asian negotiators were let go for they could not seem to discern which direction they should be facing on account of their terrible eyesight.
-In one case, Chinese negotiator, Dong Soo Kim, who was very skilled in Asian Persuasion, had a record breaking 542 failed negotiations. Due mostly because he could not effectively fight his way out of a wet paper bag.

-Asian Persuasion can be used against one's self as with the case that one convinced themselves that turning into oncoming traffic is a good idea and will benefit both insurance policy holders and the progress of modern arithmetic and rice production.
by Untrue Facts November 21, 2012
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