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The subjects taken in your VCE years in Victoria - Specialist Maths, Maths Methods, Physics, Chemistry, English and fast-track Biology in year 11.

I want to do Medicine at Uni

Oh, you better do the Asian 5
by Schwan January 01, 2008
Mainly a New Zealand school term i'd say. But maybe used in other countries.

Basically means picking the 5 hardest subjects in Yr 13 (last year before uni) in NCEA standard. These are-

- Maths with Calculus

- Maths with Statistics

- Physics

- Chemistry

- Biology.

Some might also include English LvL 3(plz notice it's very hard for science-heads, i've experienced) as 6th subject.
Dude 1: So what topic are u planning to do this year?
Dude 2: Asian 5......sob sob*
Dude 1: MAN ur INSANE to the MEMBRANE......going med school??
Dude 2:yep.....
by dgsaer January 27, 2010
The five year 13 subjects most frequently take by Asian students at Auckland Grammar School.
- Maths with Calculus
- Maths with Statistics
- Physics
- Chemistry
- Biology
What novels have you studied this year?
None bro, I'm doing the Asian 5.
by Juan-Pablo June 05, 2007
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