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v, tr.
To suddenly and inexplicably utilize an aspect of Asian online or pop culture in some area of the Internet or Undernet. Emoticons and Japanese terms/slang are without reason inserted into an online conversation, sometimes ruining the mood of the conversation.
John: "So I was talking to Mary today and I kept on stuttering"
Jimmy: "Awwww, that is soooo KAWAII"
John: ""
Jimmy: "^^"
John: "signed off at 8:50:32 PM"
Jimmy: "Asian'd!"
by Jay Krank July 29, 2004
To walk quietly behind a person until he/she notices you. Time spent Asian-ing can last from 5 seconds to 5 hours.
Guy 1: Dude, he totally Asian'd you for, like, an hour!
Guy 2: D:
by Kantatzu February 01, 2009
Mispelling of the term "Asians".
I wanted to search for asians on google but I typed asiand instead.
by igzsdbh February 11, 2008
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